“Sie’s splendid novel is no stranger to surprises and suspense, which keep the pages turning, but it’s the fully realized, multidimensional characters that are the story’s real attraction. Both Jules and Jack are wonderfully appealing characters who will capture readers’ hearts.”
-- Booklist (starred review).

“A touching, romantic, and rewarding read.”
-- Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“A warm and open-hearted story about the perilousness and momentousness of navigating your gender and sexuality. Yes, it’s dangerous to be your authentic self, but, as Jules and Jack find out, the prize is worth the risk.”
-- Naomi Kanakia, author of "We Are Totally Normal"

“James Sie writes with a keen observation of human behavior and rich, breathtaking details that make his characters leap to life. All Kinds of Other is a fresh—and needed—perspective on identity: the things we protect, what we reveal and how we love.
I am in awe of this book; it was hard to put down.“
-- Maulik Pancholy

“This is a fantastic YA coming-of-age queer romance…This book broke my heart in a hundred different ways!…
I loved this book so much!”
- KathreadsYA

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