THE LIBERACE FOUNDATION – Alas, the Liberace museum is closed (it was open while I was writing the book, swear!) but his mission lives on. The foundation gives out scholarships to music students and is the repository for all things related to Liberace.

GEE RABE is, like Emily, an Asian-American accordion player, but she plays for a living! Gee helped me during the making of the trailer for the book by recording “Return to Sorrento” on the soundtrack and playing a bit on camera. She’s fantastic, and a great person to boot.

To learn more about Liberace, the book Liberace: An American Boy by Darden Asbury Pyron, is a good place to start. While not comprehensive, it does give you a fascinating look at Mr. Showman and how his upbringing shaped his career.

For further reading on ancient Greek religions, I recommend the book Greek Religions, by Walter Burkert.