Mick Wingert
Mick is super-talented, and, more importantly, a super-nice guy. He also does the voice of Po (and Jack Black!) in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. Mick coaches and gives advice on the VO business.

Bob Bergen
Bob Bergen is an old pro in the business, and he has some helpful tips on getting started with VO.

A good company to know about— they cast, they do demos, they offer classes.

Another great recording studio with classes and demo production.

Did you know that animation voices get awards, too? Of course they do, everyone gets an award in Hollywood. They’re called “The Annies” and the International Animation Film Society sponsors them. Don’t ask me why they’re called ASIFA.

Dialects Archive
Looking for an accent you have to master? This is a great place to find samples.

James Sie - Voiceover Artist