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P90X Phase 1 Over

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I have survived Phase 1, month 1 of P90X, and lived to tell the tale. There is definitely a change a’brewin’. I haven’t lost THAT much weight—maybe five pounds (isn’t that what I was wanting to do in the first place?) but it seems to be going to different places. My pants have gotten baggier around the waist, and I fit into my black jeans of yesteryear! This is good news. I’m glad to be moving on to the next set of DVD’s…
As Tony says, take photos of yourself! So, here is the first one—


Now, let’s see how I look after a month (after the jump):

DAY 28

You may notice, I’ve dropped a fair bit… you can see my legs now, and the gut is pulled in a little. A tad concerned about the extra body hair— an increase in testosterone from exercising? Must investigate. I know, I know, the lighting’s better in Day 28, but still, you can see the difference. Can’t you?

This is, I must say, actually a lot of fun to do. Lots of kicks, punches and blocks. It’s a favorite amongst those with toxic ex-spouses, maddening mother-in-laws, and horrible bosses. Tony is constantly reminding you to punch directly in his direction, so you can even work out your aggressions on him. Everyone wins! Plus, you work up a mighty sweat. This DVD’s over before you know it. 

Participants: Another two guys and a woman. 
Tony Horton Revelation!: He doesn’t believe in aging! He describes it as “gooey, icky, pathetic, crotchety. Not into it.” Okay, might have to revise that opinion in a few years, Tony. You may not be into Aging, but Aging’s into you.
Fist Bumps: 3, plus a double. 
Straight Quotient: Look at the DVD photo. Martial arts moves? Totally macho. At times you’re also supposed to yell aggressively as you strike with your fists or feet. I’m too self-conscious to do that, even in the privacy of my room, but I do muster something that sounds like a dog with its vocal cord removed. 
Gay Appeal: Did Tony Horton just wink at me? 
Notable Exercises: I like all the combo exercises, the jab-cross-slash-kick moves. There’s one called Claw Hammer which involves clawing in front of you and then punching. I think of it as my Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman move.

“I am Catwoman, hear me roar.”

Hmm…  That macho thing might need a little work.

July 13th, 2011 - Still Life Las Vegas

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    Congratulations, stud muffin!

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