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Lord Elgin’s Marbles


Heard of ’em? Let me elaborate, let me pontificate about these priceless archeological artifacts. You see, Lord Elgin was a British ambassador who took these ancient marbles from the Parthenon in Greece. He had them removed to the British Museum. And now the Greeks want their marbles back. These marbles were intricately carved, small spheres, no doubt made from precious stones, like onyx, or jade. I imagine they were piled into a little pyramid for display. Perhaps they were used for ceremonial purposes, or maybe Greek youths played ancient shooting games with them—

—or perhaps I’m completely out of my depth.

Here I am, preparing for my upcoming trip to Greece, reading the literature, and it’s today, TODAY, that I find out that Lord Elgin marbles are not, in fact, MARBLES. They are artifacts MADE OF MARBLE. The Elgin Marbles are friezes and sculptures that were part of the Parthenon and which now reside at the British Museum. 

Oh, Divine Stupidity. 

Well, at least I’m cultivating that “no-nothing mind,” so useful for travel.

We’re going to Athens and the island of Sifnos on Monday. Wish us luck and hopefully I’ll post something during the trip. Maybe I’ll find some marbles. And steal them.

Σας δείτε αργότερα, φίλοι!*


*See you later, friends!

Update: Just twisted my ankle while packing. Ruh roh… Swallowing Arnica now.

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