Doing laps in the LA Fishbowl

A Milestone Reached

All right, it’s happened— I’ve done it. Mission accomplished. Goal achieved.

I’ve gotten three stars on every available level of the original Angry Birds game. Yay me.


Look what it’s gotten me. Do we all see how the long, long hours of work, the dedication, the carpal tunnel syndrome was worth it? How the cramp in my flinging finger has paid off? Look at the AMAZING contribution my tireless, almost-robotic game-play has made to society, to the arts, to the WORLD. Not to mention all those golden eggs. Wow. What an achievement. What a great cause to focus all your energy on. Time Magazine, are you listening? Man of the Year, perhaps?

Really. I want my damned parade.

September 28th, 2011 - Still Life Las Vegas


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