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A Little Movie, then FREE BOOKS!

Forget about Jurassic Park and Star Wars and Transformers 28: When Toasters Revolt; the trailer of the summer is here:


Yes, the trailer for Still Life Las Vegas, the one I worked on with Peter Hastings, where acclaimed Accordion Diva Gee Rabe dressed up and played for sweet music for us, has been officially introduced via St. Martin’s Press.  It was all kinds of swell to make; primarily because Peter did all of the work and I just got to spin chairs around and do the voiceover.

Better yet, there’s a FREE BOOK giveaway linked to the trailer. Just scroll down the description part under the video on youtube and it links you to Goodreads, which is doing the giveaway.
The drawing will be on June 11, so there’s plenty of time to get your entry in. There are 25 books they are handing out, so right now, the odds are pretty good!

May 12th, 2015 - Still Life Las Vegas


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