Doing laps in the LA Fishbowl

The Antidote to Hate

Tony Perkins.  James Dobson. Michelle Bachman. George Rekers. Congressman/Philanderer Mark Souder and his “Abstinence Video.” BP. That judge in Malawi. BEGONE! You have no power here. Today, you are NOT going to get to me. I’ve found something that, unbelievably, makes me happier than a James Bond sighting in a gay bar:

Apparently, this was a birthday surprise for the bus driver. I don’t care if it was a flash-mob-generated event; just watching his reaction upped my endorphin level about 200%. Of course, I’d hate to be someone on that bus that needed to actually GET somewhere, but let’s not dwell on that, okay? I wish someone who knows Danish could fill me in on all the details. Until then, I am going to watch this video again and again and again until it forms an impenetrable shield of good mojo around me and restores my faith in humanity.

May 18th, 2010 - Still Life Las Vegas


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