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Hands Off the Safety Bar

Less than three weeks before my book is released to the world, and things are about to get REAL. Lots of news, including book tour dates, the audio book, and a VIRTUAL BOOK SIGNING! Read on!

July 24th, 2015Still Life Las Vegas

A Geekly Paradise

Had my first taste (a small one, admittedly) of geek celebrity-hood this past weekend— was part of a panel at Blizzcon, the gamer convention for Blizzard Entertainment. Those of you who play Diablo or Warcraft or StarCraft will be well familiar with this online multi-player company; everyone else will be completely in the dark. I spent […]

November 14th, 2013Still Life Las Vegas

A Vocal Harvest

Had a couple of days of voice-over work that I would love to replicate the whole year round. You know, the kind of days where you get a call in the early afternoon to send in an audition from home, then you get called by your agent at 5 telling you you’ve got the job […]

November 20th, 2012Still Life Las Vegas

Monk-y Business

Many of you know my deep and abiding ambivalence towards on-camera acting (what? being in front of the camera is not an ideal career for an introvert? Imagine!), as opposed to the almost-constant pleasure of voiceover acting. I say no a vast number of times more than I say yes to TV auditions. And yet, […]

May 30th, 2012Still Life Las Vegas

Benji and the Art of War

If the last audition I went on results in a booking call from my voice agent, I’m gonna owe my son Ben big time. It’s like I’m being attacked by those floating spores from “Avatar.” I got called in for a mocap game. Mocap stands for Motion Capture; it’s where you get suited up with […]

February 1st, 2012Still Life Las Vegas

The Conversational Hedgehog

Where the hell have I been? Yes, you poor, poor faithful Readers, the Forsaken wandering in the blogospheric wilderness, crying out for my literary manna. Wondering: what exactly is going on in my fast-paced, constantly-evolving, ever-fascinating life? What’s fabulous events have transpired, what earth-shattering, cataclysmic revelations have yielded themselves up in my world? What’s been […]

October 17th, 2011Still Life Las Vegas

Sunday Roundup

“Today, the minutes seem like hours,  The hours go so slowly, And still the sky is light…” This lyric is not describing an impending lover’s tryst. It is describing what it’s like to have a child sick at home for FIVE DAYS with a cold. One that seemingly abates during the day, allowing him to […]

April 17th, 2011Still Life Las Vegas

Voiceover for Dummies

Sometimes, the absurdities in life can be just delightful. A few weeks ago, I had a commercial voice-over audition, a rare event, as I mostly do animation. This audition was for a national clothing chain which may or may not have mannequins as their spokespeople. I was reading for an Asian grandfather mannequin, and the […]

November 18th, 2010Still Life Las Vegas

What a Road of Clap

Way back in the day, when I was starting my acting career in Chicago (I’m talking waaaaay back, in the Dark Ages of pagers and dot matrix printers) I got sent out on one of my first commercial auditions, for Ace Hardware. You know, the place with the helpful hardware man? They were looking for […]

May 10th, 2010Still Life Las Vegas