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Adventures in Publishing Part 2

Where the hell have I been? Sorry, sorry to be so out of action. I’ve been doing stuff, honest! And not just catching up on “The Walking Dead”and reorganizing my son’s school library (which, yes, I have undertaken, giving further credence to my uber-geek status— Step-stools! Langston Hughes Quotes! Magnetic Chalkboards! Bookmarks with Neil Gaiman on them! We must have them all!). We’ve reached a bit of a holding pattern on the book front.

Agent J has been sending out feelers to editors of publishing houses that may be interested in a new literary work that combines prose with passages of screenplay and graphic novel (that’s my book, for those late to the party) and the general feeling is, more of the artwork needs to be done in order to give it the best shot at being understood and sold. I had a feeling that this would happen, though at first we were thinking that having a sample of the graphic novel sections would suffice.  I ran the news by the illustrator,  Sungyoon Choi, who also had a feeling that this might be the case. Choi, being the lovely being that she is, has agreed to finish up the graphic novel sections so that we can go forward with a fully-completed manuscript by mid-January. I am of course incredibly happy and excited to see the graphic novel scripts I have written realized. Choi and I are going to Las Vegas next month to do some research, and we’ll be working closely together on bringing it all together… (I have also recently discovered that I’ve been calling Choi by her last name all of this time, instead of Sungyoon, her first name.  Heh heh… I can only say in my defense that she encourages people to use her last name, as it’s much easier than pronouncing her first. )

So I have a little time. Of course, there’s stuff to be done. I have just finished going through my manuscript again, giving it a final polish. And there’s the matter of the title… sigh. Who knew that the name would be so hard to come up with? Agent J (and a few of my close readers) have felt that “Liberace Under Venetian Skies” was too… narrow in its scope, and didn’t represent the tone of the book. Since then I’ve batted many many possibilities around, but none have stuck so far. Of those that readers have seen, “And then She was Gone” was quite popular, but Agent J felt it sounded too much like a Lifetime movie (possibly starring Ms Sela Ward) and that put me right off of it. Back to square one. I’m sure I’ll have many more options to post in the days ahead.

Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?
The name of my favorite Lifetime movie, starring Miss Tori Spelling

In the meantime, let me leave you with a very fun website for those of you writers who want to look at your work in a different discipline. It’s called wordle ( and it takes whatever text you paste into it, finds the most frequently-used non-common words, and makes it into art. COUNTLESS hours can be wasted changing fonts and layouts. Here’s my book, set to wordle:

Hey, maybe there’s a title in there somewhere. I’ll have to look into that, just as soon as I watch zombies chow down on a few more folks from Georgia.

November 14th, 2010 - Still Life Las Vegas


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  1. khouse10 says:

    wie in kalamazoo appreciate sie world's world view ! thanx james … rock the publishing front. xo katie

  2. Susan says:

    How about "Front Side Never" or "Go Car Back"?(from your word-a-gram).

  3. […] one was suggested by my friend Amy Hill, who discovered it in the Wordle art of my manuscript. Works however you say […]

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