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No Sound and Fury

All right, slowly coming back after a voiceless weekend… Friday night, my throat started closing off. Frightening. By Saturday it hurt to swallow, eat, or talk. It was like that slug-thing from “The Hidden” was pushing it’s way out of throat:

Remember this? Kyle MacLachlan, Michael Nori? Netflix it. 

Thank God it happened after my “Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness” Friday morning recording. I was afraid it was some kind of strep, but it turned out to be some kind of canker sore behind my uvula. Too much information? Those suckers are painful!

Spent the weekend sounding like the love child of Marlee Matlin and Kermit the Frog.

Started using sign language in public, just to fit in. I knew that would come in handy some day! Teas, soups, teas. No shouting at Benjamin.

Hey, at least I lost 2 pounds! Silver lining!

Have I mentioned yet? I’ve been meaning to. Goodreads is kinda like Facebook for the Emily Dickinson set. It’s for those who don’t want to share any personal information except for what books they’ve read. You know how, when you go over to a friend’s house, you automatically scan their shelves, so you can pull out books and say, “I love this one!” or “What did you think of this?” Reading is such a private experience, but it also can forge strong bonds between like-minded readers. On goodreads, you write down books you’ve read, or are reading, and rate them. An EXCELLENT time waster, and it feels virtuous–it’s like your cataloguing a part of your mind, so when the Alzheimer’s strikes, you’ll have some record of your literary life! Easy to move around. If you have friends on there you can view their books. There’s also a literary trivia game, a place to SWAP books (that’s very eco-friendly!) and, of course, a link to buy books. What’s not to like? It’s like a book club for the hopelessly introverted! (You know who you are.) And no one will ask you to buy a pair of chickens for their Farmville!

May 10th, 2011 - Still Life Las Vegas


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  1. Anonymous says:

    It's gluten! Get off the gluten, it can create all kinds of havoc with your mucous membranes and brain. Causes swiss cheese of the brain as your body digests itself….. Scarier than that picture you have up!
    Love ya,

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