Doing laps in the LA Fishbowl

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A Lot of Nothing

Oh, Tangaryo,I pledge myself to you! I have committed myself to Tangaryo. It may sound like I’m entering into a relationship with some Manga hero, but no, it actually means I’m going to be sitting around a whole lot.  Tangaryo is a Zen tradition based on the ancient practice of demonstrating your extreme desire for a Buddhist […]

September 18th, 2012Still Life Las Vegas

Zen and the Art of Eating Drowned Sailors

I remember when I was a child a particular punishment my father used to mete out to my sisters and me. It involved kneeling. That was it— just kneeling, for prolonged periods of time, straight up, head down, like you were at Mass but you weren’t in a church you were in your living room, […]

August 17th, 2010Still Life Las Vegas