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The Name Game

All right, now comes the hard part.
One of the hard parts.

Agent J would like me to consider changing the name of my novel, Liberace Under Venetian Skies. He feels it’s too… florid? and not indicative of what the book’s about, or it’s tone. This comment has come up a times with a few reader-friends, so I know it may be a problem.

What do I need for a title?

Something evocative.


Ideally, something that has the tension between the sublime and the prosaic. You know, like Venice and the Las Vegas version of Venice. Or something that suggests movement vs. stillness.

How tarnished is the name of Liberace? Too campy/tragic/distasteful, or has it gone round the horn?

These are the questions of our times.

I’ll put up some possibilities later.

October 19th, 2010 - Still Life Las Vegas


2 responses to “The Name Game”

  1. Jeffreyxyz says:

    i like it. Richard Simmons Under Venetian Skies just doesn't have the same oomph.

  2. Noel Alumit says:

    How about something sexy like "Boy with the Dragon Tatoo?" Or has that been done?

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