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IMG_9812Oh, but it’s been a long long time since I’ve written— I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been on a whirlwind tour promoting my book, but really it’s just been Life: a new writing class at Los Angeles Writer’s Workshop, the Olympic marathon that is Thanksgiving, high school applications and tours, the annual clusterfuck of holiday events and shopping and year-end minutiae.

However, there have been a few work-related events to savor in the dwindling glow of 2015 (how, I repeat, how can this year be over?) I gave my first lecture as an Author for UCR Palm Desert Low-Residency MFA program (Doug is a recent grad; being grad-adjacent comes in handy) The program is pretty impressive (my presence there notwithstanding); many of its teachers and lecturers this year won a slew of prizes and year-end accolades.





My lecture was on “Mixed Media in the Novel,” and I talked about the uses of photography, graphics and typographical art in primarily text-based adult literature. Fancy, eh? I even found a grad-worthy, twenty dollar word to describe this kind of book: ergodic literature. It’s literature that “takes a non-trivial effort by the reader to navigate.” Incredibly broad, I know, but it sounds good. During the talk I got to go on about some of my favorite works in that vein:

House_of_leaves 1

incredibly-close-938x960 GriffinSabine1

goon squad

The students were very enthusiastic, and I ended by having them create their own graphic novel panels based on a page of The Sweet Hereafter. Doodling! Who doesn’t love doodling?


The students were actually just excited that they’d be seeing Doug that afternoon…

On the voiceover front, the enormously popular Fallout 4 debuted this fall, and I do a couple of voices on that: Jun_Long—a whimpering survivor of the devastation,


and a doctor with shady dealings going on in his clinic.

This was one of the first games where Ben was able to find me almost right away. I was the guy crying in the corner. “I shot Dad!” Ben declared, with utter delight.

A bonding moment?

And though Still Life Las Vegas didn’t receive any year-end accolades, I did get a most lovely mention from New in Books: I was designated one of their favorite authors on Instagram. My category was literary fiction, and the reason why? My cooking photos! Ah, I knew I my baked good would lure them in…

Oh! And just yesterday, a lovely birthday wish came true: I checked my email upon wakening to find a great review from Lambda Literary. Thank God it wasn’t a pan– that would have been a pretty awful way to start my birthday. Luckily, it was the perfect beginning of the day.

Happy Holidays, everyone!


December 19th, 2015 - Still Life Las Vegas


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