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Adventures in Publishing: Please Judge My Book by Its Cover

When I first opened the email attachment that had the possible cover of “Still Life Las Vegas” in it, I gasped and slammed my computer shut. It was nothing that I expected: there was so many images, so much color, and it was oddly…
I’ve never met Young Lim, the designer at St. Martin’s Press, but he seemed to take all the disparate ideas we had about the cover (“Could we maybe use both real images and drawn?” “Maybe an accordion on the side of the road?” “Could there be some sexy statue?”), pour them into the crucible of his own considerable talent and come up with a perfect encapsulation of what the book is all about: 

There’s the graphic novel element (with the beautiful drawings by Sungyoon Choi), the whimsy, the melancholy. . . and Vegas, baby, Vegas!
I’d heard so many horror stories about authors hating their book jackets that I was prepared for the worst; it was such a gift to be presented with a prototype that looked almost exactly like this. A little tweaking, and we were good to go. Now, I don’t know how much toil and back-and-forth went on in-house, but for me, it was like opening a present on Christmas day. 
It’s so much more of a tangible thing now, you know? And the book’s presence is starting to pop up unexpectedly online, like seedlings: a goodreads listing, and now one on Amazon! My friend Derek alerted me to the pre-order status of the book on Amazon, where I also found out that it’s being released on August 11, four days earlier than I thought. Amazon settled its fight with Hachette and listed me for preorder on the same day? That Prime Membership must be kicking in!
Now, you know. . .  preorders are a way for the publisher to gauge buzz about the book, so if you have any curiosity about Still Life Las Vegas, this would be an excellent time to order it. Think of it as securing your end-of-the-summer-read now! You can strike it off your list!
Truly, though, I feel so happy. Such support and talent going on over at the Flatiron Building. I am extremely grateful. 
PS. See that photo of a balloon on the cover? I took that!

November 14th, 2014 - Still Life Las Vegas


3 responses to “Adventures in Publishing: Please Judge My Book by Its Cover”

  1. Anonymous says:

    How Wonderful! Congrats, what an exciting time. Will preorder!
    Love you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The accordion along side the road is my favorite visual. However the sculpture of the man reminds me of a print of a man's back/waist that was on the wall of the dining room awhile. It was breathlessly beautiful, remember what I'm referencing? I am definitely going to pre-order. I just hope if our paths ever cross, you will sign this, your 'first' book for sure, and 'my favorite' subsequent book you publish!!! This is indeed fantastic! ET

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