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A Little Movie, then FREE BOOKS!

Forget about Jurassic Park and Star Wars and Transformers 28: When Toasters Revolt; the trailer of the summer is here: Mine! Yes, the trailer for Still Life Las Vegas, the one I worked on with Peter Hastings, where acclaimed Accordion Diva Gee Rabe dressed up and played for sweet music for us, has been officially introduced via St. […]

May 12th, 2015Still Life Las Vegas

Adventures in Publishing: Blurbs and Lockdowns

This is especially true in publishing. Hi all! It’s been a red-letter day today. I started the morning from a Facebook message from rock star graphic novelist Gene Luen Yang (writer of Boxers/Saints and ABC: American Born Chinese), someone whose books my son Ben and I both love (hey, Boxers/Saints got Ben interested in reading about HISTORY, so […]

April 27th, 2015Still Life Las Vegas

Adventures in Publishing: The Beauty of a Page

On a previous adventure in publishing, I wrote about the cover designer  Young Lin from St. Martin’s Press, who created a cover I would want my book to be judged by.  But what about inside the book? Who’s responsible for what that looks like? A month ago, I would have guessed— well, I wouldn’t have […]

March 16th, 2015Still Life Las Vegas

Adventures in Publishing: Accordions and Folk Tunes

Wherein we learn that, despite all the awesome coddling that comes with being at a super publishing house, they will not do EVERYTHING for you.  Lookie what I got! If I’d a known accordions weighed a ton,I woulda written them heavier. No, I’m not taking up a new hobby. I’ve rented it for a shoot […]

January 30th, 2015Still Life Las Vegas

Adventures in Publishing: Proof

A few weeks ago, I received a rather large packet in the mail: My manuscript! But covered in strange markings, done in mauve pencil. This, my friends, was the copy edited copy of Still Life Las Vegas, ready for perusal. A bit daunting at first glance, this document was nonetheless exhilarating to look at. After […]

November 22nd, 2014Still Life Las Vegas

Adventures in Publishing: Please Judge My Book by Its Cover

IT’S HERE. When I first opened the email attachment that had the possible cover of “Still Life Las Vegas” in it, I gasped and slammed my computer shut. It was nothing that I expected: there was so many images, so much color, and it was oddly… Perfect.  I’ve never met Young Lim, the designer at […]

November 14th, 2014Still Life Las Vegas

Am I Blue?

“It always starts with a blue Volvo, driving away.”  —Still Life Las Vegas In some ways, my book must be a big pain in the ass for my publishers. I mean, they bought a novel, but it’s not just a straight up novel. There’s narrative art in it as well (the twenty-buck term for cartoons). […]

September 24th, 2014Still Life Las Vegas

Adventures in Publishing: Seedling

Remember those germination experiments in elementary school? The ones where you press a sunflower seed or mung bean into wet paper towels and watch as they sprout, their softened bodies cracking open to release delicate tendrils of life? That’s what’s happening now with my novel, Still Life, Las Vegas.  We’re slowly starting to move from the theoretical […]

August 1st, 2014Still Life Las Vegas

Tongue Tied

Once, many years ago, I had a screenplay I was flogging around town. It was an amusing little ditty about being Asian-American in Hollywood. I had a manager involved, it placed in a screenplay competition, there was actually some interest in the project, but I needed a director to make it happen. A director to, […]

July 17th, 2014Still Life Las Vegas